Your health is not the most important thing.  Your freedom is.

Most people consider their health as the most important thing in life.  Whoever thinks that never spent any time in prison.  There is one thing that is far worse than having poor health: losing your freedom.

You can be in bad health and still have a good quality of life if your relationships with loved ones, your mobility, and your finances are intact.  Dealing with declining health, and even end-of-life issues are as natural and necessary parts of life as growing up.  But as unpleasant as poor health can be, it shrinks to insignificance in comparison with losing one’s freedom.

No one can ever be prepared to deal with the soul-crushing agony of being incarcerated.  Everything that makes life worth living is suddenly taken away, not the least of which is one’s ability to choose in even the most trivial matters.

Health?  An inmate’s diet is a catalogue of cheap, disgusting bulk food, totally bereft of discernible taste or even passable nutritional value.  Even a relatively short prison sentence can in actuality be a life sentence for anyone suffering from health issues requiring decent food, medicine, and competent medical treatment.  The sad fact is that many incarcerated persons die of preventable illnesses due to poor health care in prison.

The psychological impact of prison can destroy a person from within.  Without one’s freedom, the sense of loss of control is more than many people can endure.  You cannot be close to your loved ones or friends.  You cannot go anywhere but within the physical confines of your incarceration, and often times that space is less than you might find in a motel bathroom.  You may have to share this small space with a cellmate that not only is not of your choosing, but indeed may be sexually aggressive or even a homicidal threat to you.  Prisons are very lightly guarded due to budgetary constraints, so violent crimes against inmates are not only prevalent, but in some institutions, very likely to occur.  It is a fact that prisons are the highest crime areas in America.  The suicide rate is prison is the highest of any population.

The loss of one’s job and reputation are further consequences that will outlive incarceration.  The shame and disgrace of losing one’s freedom not only leaves a scar on one’s soul, it forever changes the way our former colleagues, friends and family members will see you.  Regaining one’s financial and social life after incarceration can often be impossible.  Stigma and shame follow the convicted person like a dark shadow.

The more educated the incarcerated person is, the more likely he or she will have a license of some sort placed in jeopardy by a criminal conviction.  A felony conviction will preclude obtaining or keeping any license to practice medicine or law, and licensed occupations like real estate agents, accountants, and the like are also in danger of being refused or cancelled.

If you are faced with a criminal charge, you face the loss of the most precious thing you have: your freedom.  Finding and obtaining the legal representation of the best attorney you can get is paramount in our quest to retain your freedom and to avoid the loss of everything that makes your life worth living.  Price shopping, do-it-yourself legal research, and other such follies will result in poor legal representation at the most critical time in your life.

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