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I have helped more than 5,000 clients get results. I can help you too. Whether it’s a felony or a misdemeanor, a DUI or shoplifting, robbery, murder, extortion or even drivers license issues I have handled all types of criminal cases.

I have also defended hundreds of people accused of domestic violence.  This type of charge is very serious and requires extreme care and experience from a lawyer.  Being convicted of a violent crime such as this can affect the rest of your life. This is the type of crime that has to be reported on an employment application. Companies no longer can afford to take the risk of employing someone with this type of background.  You need to avoid a conviction at all costs.  You don’t want a bargain lawyer representing you on something this serious you wan the best Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney you can find.

This is the kind of experience that I will bring to your case as your defense lawyer in Sacramento and Surrounding Area Courts and the courts of the outlying areas of Northern California.

I believe in every person’s right to be treated fairly and I will fight aggressively for your rights.

Beware: There Are no Crystal Balls

Beware of any lawyer who guarantees any outcome of any legal case.   No one can tell the future, although there are some lawyers who will make grand boasts about how your case will turn out.  Run like the wind if you encounter a lawyer who claims such powers of clairvoyance.
It should be obvious that no two cases are alike.  The various facts and circumstances of your case, your own background and record (if any), and whether or not you’ve already spoken with the authorities will all have great bearing on the outcome of your case.  Just as obviously, the quality and dedication of your criminal defense attorney is important in the handling of your case for the best possible outcome.


Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney

Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney Michael D. Ross

Our Initial Interview and Consultation

After meeting and listening to the details of your case, I will give you my opinion as to what the possible outcomes of your case might be.  Everything you communicate to me is treated strictly confidential, whether you decide to retain me as your criminal defense attorney or not.  You have a sacred right to the Attorney/Client Privilege that applies to any part of your case.  Your secrets confided to my as your attorney are by law guarded and are never disclosed under any circumstances.


What is the Value that You Place on Your Freedom?

How much is your freedom worth?  Your freedom is priceless, and if you are convicted of a criminal offense, you may have that most precious freedom taken away from you by the authorities.  Nothing, not disease, not financial ruin, not even losing a loved one is as personally devastating as incarceration in jail or in prison.   You lose your freedom of choice in almost everything about your existence.  You run the risk of personal injury or death living among the worst people that society has produced.  And once you’re released, if indeed you survive your sentence, you carry the burden of conviction with you.  Professional licenses are no longer available to you.  Jobs are rarely offered to convicts.
In short, the value of your freedom is worth everything – and more.

The Cost of Quality Legal Representation:  Retainers & Attorney’s Fees

Some things in life should never be “price shopped.”  If you needed surgery, you certainly wouldn’t shop around for the cheapest doctor you could find.  You would want the best doctor you can find.  The same goes for a criminal defense attorney.

DMV Hearings

Many people are not even aware that DMV conducts hearings.  I have done hundreds of these.

I believe that good representation in any type of criminal case requires a lawyer with a broad background and experience defending heavy felony cases where the client’s freedom, or even life, has been at stake.



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