Infractions and Traffic Tickets

Infractions are defined as crimes (usually traffic tickets) which carry only a fine as possible punishment. Here’s the rub: if you get too many tickets, you lose your drivers license. We all know what that means to our businesses and personal life styles here in California.

An important use for infractions, from the standpoint of a more serious criminal offense (misdemeanor) is the possible plea-bargained alternative to more serious charges, such as a DUI.

Infraction fines can be considerable in cases of speeding or reckless driving reduced to an infraction from a misdemeanor.

An example of a non-vehicular infraction is a “ticket” for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, with a maximum one hundred dollar fine.

Municipal and county ordinances, and many other technical violations of law, such as fish and game regulations, are usually punishable only as infractions.


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