Obviously, you should be concerned about the cost of quality legal representation.

I start the process with a free consultation to become familiar with your case. My consultations normally take at least an hour, and I take great care in evaluating the specific facts of your case.

So, how much will your case cost? I consider these factors in setting my retainer:

  1. The criminal charges against you or your loved one,
  2. The difficulty of the case,
  3. The specific facts of this case,
  4. Any prior criminal background,
  5. How much time in prison or jail the client is facing, and
  6. The financial ability of the client to pay (I use a “sliding scale” to set my fees).

Normally, I use a “flat, fixed fee” for criminal cases. With this type of retainer, the client will know exactly what my attorney’s fees are, with no additional billings later on. This flat fee method is far preferable to the “hourly billing” for cases since there will be no surprise fee billings later on.

In more complex cases, such as felonies, I charge a fixed, flat fee for each stage of the case proceedings. In all cases, I want the client to know in advance exactly what he or she will be charged for the case.

My goal is to arrive at a fair yet adequate retainer to handle each client’s case.

A strong word of caution: “price shopping” for a criminal attorney is as foolish and dangerous as price shopping for a doctor. Remember, no one ever regretted having a good a lawyer when faced with criminal charges.

Please contact me to  arrange for a free consultation, evaluation, and retainer quote for your case.  I am available 24/7 for emergencies.


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