Degree of Juris Doctor, Southwestern University School of Law, Los Angeles, California


Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science, California State University, Long Beach, California.




Over 25 Years as a Criminal Defense Attorney

Over 3,500 criminal cases handled (both felonies & misdemeanors)

Former Deputy Attorney General (Criminal Division) and Special Prosecutor

Member of The Bar in Good Standing:

Bar Association of San Francisco

The State Bar of California

United States Federal District Courts, Northern, Central, Eastern, and Southern Districts of California

United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

United States Tax Court

Supreme Court of the United States

Former Judge (Pro Tem) for the City & County of San Francisco

Mike Ross Judge Pro Tem, San Francisco

CASES (Specific case names withheld for client privacy)

  • Acquittal (Not Guilty) at jury trial on a “Life Without Possibility of Parole” case
  • Over 1,000 DUI (Driving Under the Influence) cases, including multiple offenders and vehicular homicide cases.
  • Over 550 Department of Motor Vehicle Hearings (DUI Drivers License Suspensions)
  • Successfully handled a Kidnapping case where a potential sentence of life imprisonment was reduced to “time already served” of only ninety days.
  • Death penalty case successful at handling several post-conviction writs, appeals, and a Pardon-Commutation hearing
  • Over fifty “Three Strikes” cases with excellent results in obtaining the dismissal of one or more ‘strikes” resulting in the dramatic reduction of jail time
  • Hundreds of Domestic Violence cases, including many where the charges were either dismissed or discharged
  • Bail reductions obtained in nearly all cases (where the client is neither a flight risk and is not considered dangerous), most recently: the reduction of a million dollar bail to only forty-five thousand dollars (San Francisco Superior Court)
  • Over 1,000 felony cases (drugs, grand theft, assault, kidnapping, murder)
  • Over 2,500 misdemeanor cases (shoplifting, solicitation for prostitution, petty theft, and DUIs).
  • Over 300 Juvenile offense cases
  • Hundreds of successful Probation Violation hearings
  • Numerous successful Parole Violation hearings
  • Handled the “Last Defector” (In re Sergei Ukanov) case from the former Soviet Union (USSR)
  • Founder and CEO of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit corporation, including the obtaining of the tax-exempt status from the IRS


Because Northern California is such a highly desirable place to live, this attracts the very best defense attorneys.  However, to succeed as a defense attorney in Northern California, one must be willing to be completely prepared for each case, and to give the utmost in aggressive, professional advocacy in the pursuit of the best outcome for each client’s criminal case. 

It is with this professional and personal philosophy that I proudly seek to represent clients in Northern California.


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