Michael Ross: Your San Francisco Defense Attorney


I am San Francisco defense attorney Michael Ross, and I have practiced criminal law throughout the Bay Area for over twenty five years.

“I’ll get you through this.”

I am a former Deputy Attorney General (Criminal Division) and former Special Prosecutor, and I now represent clients who have been accused of a crime.
I have personally defended over 3,500 criminal cases, including “Three Strikes”, heavy felonies, misdemeanors, and over 1,000 DUI cases.

“I can appear for you in court in your absence in most cases.”

When you’ve been arrested it can be the beginning of a frightening journey through the criminal justice system.

To get the best outcome of your case, you need an experienced, aggressive criminal attorney as early as possible for your case. I handle each case personally, and promise the best possible defense.

“I’m here for you in an emergency.”

“Each case is the most important case in the world to the individual client.”

My cases have ranged from a Death Penalty case (which I handled successfully), to nearly fifty “Three Strikes” cases, 1,100 felony cases, and over 2,500 misdemeanor cases of every conceivable type.

Recently, I negotiated a plea in a case where my client was charged with kidnapping. I obtained a sentence of time already served of only 90 days. In another case, I won a Not Guilty verdict in a case with a mandatory sentence of “Life Without Possibility of Parole,” and my client was set free.

As a defense lawyer in San Francisco, I have handled virtually every type of criminal case.

View the types of felony and misdemeanor cases that I have handled in my career.

I have represented many clients as a DUI defense attorney in San Francisco. In addition to the 1,000-plus DUI cases I have handled, I have defended a number of alcohol-related vehicular homicide cases. I take as much pride in successfully handing a DUI case for a client as I do with any heavy felony.

I believe that good representation in any type of criminal case requires a lawyer with a broad background and experience defending heavy felony cases where the client’s freedom, or even life, has been at stake. From the first case I handled as a San Francisco defense attorney, I realized that communication and cooperation between attorney and client are indispensable in getting the best outcome of the case.

A client’s satisfaction is based on he or she knowing that everything that can be done for the client’s case is being done.

This is the kind of experience that I will bring to your case as your defense lawyer in San Francisco, the Bay Area courts, and the courts of any of the outlying areas of Northern California.

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New DUI News: Forced Blood Draw Ruled Unconstitutional

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