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You need an aggressive criminal defense attorney on your side when you are facing charges that could affect the rest of your life

San Francisco Defense Attorney

I have handled over 5,000 criminal cases, including “Three Strikes”, heavy felonies, domestic violence charges, misdemeanors, shoplifting, theft, drug crimes, DMV hearings, probation violations, over 1,000 DUI cases and even traffic violations.

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I have handled cases as serious as a Death Penalty case (which I handled successfully), to nearly fifty “Three Strikes” cases, and over one thousand felony cases.

Recently, I negotiated a plea deal in a case where my client was charged with kidnapping. I obtained a sentence of time already served of only 90 days.

In another case, I won a Not Guilty verdict in a case with a mandatory sentence of “Life Without Possibility of Parole,” and my client was set free.


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How much is your freedom worth?

When you’ve been arrested, it can be the beginning of a frightening journey through the criminal justice system.  You could be facing jail, losing your job, and damaging your reputation.

You need to find the best defense attorney you can, whether you are charged with domestic violence, DUI, felony or misdemeanor, juvenile crime, or you are facing a DMV hearing, whatever you have been charged with you should not try to handle it yourself.  Your freedom, your livelihood, and your reputation in the community are at stake.  If you needed surgery, you wouldn’t shop around for the cheapest doctor you could find – you would want the best doctor you can find.  The same goes for a defense attorney.  You will find other attorneys out there willing to take your case for bottom dollar – but you get what you pay for.




Your health is not the most important thing.  Your freedom is. Most people consider their health as the most important thing in life.  Whoever thinks that never spent any time in prison.  There is one thing that is far worse than having poor health: losing your freedom. You can be in bad health and still …

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The Cost of a Good Lawyer – Or: How Much Is Your Freedom Worth?

If you have been accused (or you think that you may be accused) of a crime, you will soon have to make a decision as to which attorney will be representing you. You will be concerned about the cost of good legal representation, and you should be.  You have a great deal at stake.  It …

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